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Our Pools cannot leak. Our Filteration System has no underground piping and no pump room.


Avoid stressful tiling and bring your pool to life with our variety …


Fast construction which is flexible with space. No pool tiling and no pool house…


Our commitment to enhance your lifestyle does not stop at installing swimming pools.


We are equipped with a dedicated team of Technicians with extensive experience…


We are equiped with a dedicated team of Technicians with extensive experience…


Our pools are built to offer more than fun and safety for the whole family. We offer a 10 year guarantee which is hinged on using innovative & quality technology to give you best memories and experiences.


We don’t throw away your pool, we turn it into a Desjoyaux. Our patented technology avoids the construction of pump rooms and underground pipes, so your new Desjoyaux pool cannot leak.


At Desjoyaux, we provide the highest quality swimming pool accessories and maintenance equipment. Our relationship with our customers go beyond construction to helping you maintain your pool properly.

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Desjoyaux Ghana was founded on an idea of enjoying life to the full

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